Starting at $115.00


Debris (iNSIDE)

The service includes removal of debris, particulate and other blockages obstructing the natural flow of eavestroughs. We clean them by hand, putting the waste in buckets so as to not make a mess of your yard. We also use a special attachment for our ladders to avoid causing any damage to the eavestrough or your roof.
Eavestrough Cleaning Downspout


If your downspouts are completely clogged up with particulate and debris, it’s important that you have them cleared as soon as possible. We do what we can to remove or flush out the clog and, if need be, will dismantle the downspout to get at the problematic area.

Eavestrough Cleaning Underside Surface


After several years, the underside of your home’s gutters can build-up a substantial layer of unsightly dirt and grime. We clean the surface with a soft bristle brush and microfiber cloth, avoiding the use of a pressure-washer that could force unwanted water up into the soffit and roof.

Fully Insured

Watson’s Home Services Inc. is fully insured with the appropriate WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) and CGL (Commercial General Liability) coverages. It’s important that we protect you, the homeowner, against any liability.