Starting at $115.00

Our Window Cleaning Packages

Exterior Window Cleaning Services

Exterior Only

We complete a thorough window cleaning with a soft brush and lightly soaped water, squeegee it and wipe dry the edges with a microfiber cloth. We will also be doing a light wash of the window frame and sill to remove any surface dust and dirt.

Interior Window Cleaning Services

Exterior & Interior

We will apply the same steps as the “Exterior Only” package on the interior windows too. In addition, we will wipe down the screens in place and also check on the tracks, clearing out any large dirt or debris that can interfere with the proper function of the windows.

"The Works"

“The Works” package allows us the time to apply that extra touch to your windows, frames, screens and tracks. We’ll bring the screens outside for a thorough cleaning and pay some extra attention to cleaning the dirt and grease from the frames and tracks.

Squeaky Not Streaky” Treatment

Interior Window Cleaning Tracks

When get up to each window and clean them by hand, we apply the Watson’s Home Services  Squeaky Not Streaky treatment to cleaning your windows:

  1. Scrub 
    A thorough cleaning with a soft brush and lightly soaped water. 
  2. Scrape 
    Removal of any hard/dried-on debris from the glass. 
  3. Squeegee 
    Wipe down the glass with a rubber squeegee. 
  4. Sparkle
    Dry the corners and edges of the glass with a microfiber cloth. 
  5. Spot Check
    Double check our work to ensure we didn’t miss anything.

Furthermore, we guarantee our work. So if we leave a streak or you’re not entirely satisfied, we’ll return to correct at no charge!